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Just now I am...

2 Jan 2014

Much has happened since I first launched this site and I am still getting used to wrenching myself away from the workshop in order to update my work electronically. So, in the time honoured fashion of New Years resolutions, here I am....'doing technology'. 

I have recently had the opportunity to work alongside some fantastic craftsmen as well my individual work, making and creating structures and items ranging from playframes to 'passivhaus ' homes and extentions , window casements to jewellers workbench. All of which, as you can imagine keeps me thoroughly occupied. 

In the coming year I am hoping to step a little away from the construction aspects of working and concentrate more upon the furniture and finer woodwork as this is really where my heart lies. The development of a range of objects, perhaps with a branded identity, will be the ultimate aim. 

Below are a few of the projects I have been involved with during the past months. 
2 Jan 2014

Chestnut playframe designed by J. Morris-Ridout at Copperbeech

2 Jan 2014

Jewellery makers workbench in oak